1990’s Please Support Our Class!


June 2015 – We Came, We Connected, We Danced, We Discovered that:

25 Years Later We are still Mauvelous Violet Femmes! It was awesome!  The party continues across the globe with Mini-Reunions and Rekindled Friendships!


BUT – ALL that FUN cost us ALL of our Money! 

SO Now we need you to GIVE!  To Our Class, Ourselves, Our 30th Reunion. 


IF you are not a LIFETIME MEMBER please consider becoming one!

Donation: $190


IF you are already a LIFETIME MEMBER please consider topping up to the new rate by donating: $100


IF you would like to make an additional donation in ANY amount, we would be eternally grateful!


PLEASE NOTE: It’s fully tax deductible!



Class Treasurer


Yours truly,

Dianne Matukaitis Brown

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Wellesley Class of 1990 Lifetime Membership
  Description:  The primary way you can support our class is by become a Lifetime Member by making a one time, tax deductible donation of $190 to the Class.
Membership price:  $190.00

Wellesley Class of 1990 Lifetime Membership additional $100
  Description:  For those who contributed $90 and are life members and are able to bring it up to the current cost of $190 - thank you!
Membership price:  $100.00

Extra gift- all amounts welcome just add more at checkout!
  Description:  for those who love our class thank you!
Membership price:  $19.90